Country matrix

Dear delegates!

The registration process has been closed yesterday and now we know the full delegate’s list for OLMUN 2018. Check your country and committee, because it may differ from your preferences from the registration form.

See you tomorrow at 15.30 at OLMUN Delegate Training in Room 58 (this year exceptionally) in II LO 🙂


IMPORTANT!: Persons with bolded names are obliged to prepare opening speeches – you can learn more about it here



# The last deadline to take a part of OLMUN as a Delegate is 15th of September until 8pm.

# Olsztyn Model United Nations Conference will take place in the unique high school LO 1 

# Meeting for delegates will take place on 17th of September at 3pm in LO 2 in the classroom number 58(exceptionally!)

# Oficial party will take place in Domówka Studio at 20 th of September – 19:00- 22:00

IMPORTANT! Every delegate is obliged to provide GDPR Informative Clause signed by delegate’s parents, or delegate’s other legal guardian.